about us

About DonauGuides

The ‘DonauGuides’ is an company of guides along the Danube. We work together with local guide associations and guide agencies. This fair cooperation allows us to be deeply rooted in the regions and the added value of supraregional programs, so that the guests in each city have a unique experience and avoid duplication of content.
The company’s headquarter is located in Passau.


In addition to an office with a 24/7 hotline, DonauGuides has a managing software to handle short-term major orders. Payment with or without VAT, also with foreign companies based on reverse charge, can be guaranteed. 

Our local tourist guides

Our team consists of 20-30 fixed guides with certified training and appropriate licenses in every destination. If necessary we can reach a further 50 – 80 guides per destination. We are happy to answer your requests for special guides (or exclusion of certain persons). Quality is our greatest asset.

Every tour guide has liability insurance.

Our philosophy

History can be experienced. We have set ourselves the goal of presenting culture and history with modern teaching techniques in an exciting and entertaining way and not just to tell the facts, figures and names.

The guest is included in the tour and is put from the passive listener to the active part. Through educational elements, not only group dynamics are promoted but also the entertainment value of history is increased.

Our certified and well-trained tour guides have many years of experience and are guided by the wishes and needs of the guests.

education and training

We take part in the trainings of the respective guides and place particular emphasis on guiding skills, such as conflict management, non-verbal communication, backdrops of travel, needs of international guests and intercultural knowledge. 

We share knowledge and experience among each other in order to ensure the best possible standard for large orders.